ImageEn, unit iexHelperFunctions



procedure AddShapesToImageEnMView(DestMView: TImageEnMView;
                                  Width, Height: Integer;
                                  BorderColor: TColor;
                                  BorderWidth: Integer;
                                  FillColor: TColor;
                                  UniqueOnly: Boolean = False;
                                  AlphaFill: Boolean = False);


Adds all TIEShapes to a TImageEnMView.
Width/Height are the size to create the shapes.
BorderColor, BorderWidth and FillColor specify the style (pass -1 for colors to use a random color).
If UniqueOnly is true, then shapes that are flips or rotations of other shapes are excluded.
AlphaFill = False gives the image a white background. AlphaFill uses an alpha background.

Note: You can access the shape of an item by typecasting its tag as TIEShape, e.g.

// Get selected shape
shp := TIEShape( ImageEnMView1.ImageTag[ ImageEnMView1.SelectedImage ]);
ShowMessage( IEShapeToStr( shp ));


// Display all shapes ImageEnMView1
AddShapesToImageEnMView( ImageEnMView1, 200, 200, clNone, 0, clRed );

See Also

- IEDrawShapeToComboListBoxItem
- IEShapeToStr