ImageEn, unit imageenview



TIESelectionOptions = Set of (iesoAnimated,


Value Description
iesoAnimated Enable animation of the selection
iesoSizeable Allow the user to resize the selection (with grips). Also see iesoCircleSizeable and iesoPolySizeable
iesoMoveable Allow the user to move the selection (with grips)
iesoFilled The image within the selection is displayed with inverted colors (Enable live updating via SetSelectionMarkOuterStyle)
iesoCutBorders If specified then when the user drags the selection outside the image area the selection is cropped to the edge (otherwise the selection cannot be dragged beyond the image area)
iesoMarkOuter Areas of the image outside the selection are shown as grayed or with alpha blending (see SetSelectionMarkOuterStyle)
iesoCanScroll Automatically scroll the image when selecting outside the visible area
iesoSelectTranspLayers Allow transparent areas of a layer to be selectable. Note: If LayersCaching is not enabled, transparent area of non-image layers will always be selectable
iesoRightButtonSelectLayers Allow selection of layers with the right button (other than left button)
iesoRightButtonTerminatePolySelect Allow polygon selection to be cancelled with the right mouse button
iesoDisableOneClickDeselect Prevent the selection from being cleared when clicking outside the selection
iesoDisableNewSelection Once a selection has been made (programmatically using Select or by the user using MouseInteractGeneral) then the user cannot make a new selection (though they can still move or resize the selection if iesoSizeable or iesoMoveable is specified)
iesoShowCenter A cross shows the center of the rectangle, circle or polygon while making a selection
iesoAutoTerminatePolySelect Polygon selection will be automatically cancelled when the user clicks close to the start of the selection (i.e. closes the polygon). See: PolygonAutoCloseDistance
iesoAllowMoveByKeyboard Allow rectangular selections and layers to be moved by the cursor keys, or scrolling of the view (Hold Ctrl key to resize selections. Hold Shift to speed up movement)
iesoCircleSizeable Allows circular selections to be resized by dragging the grips at 0/90/180/360 positions
iesoPolygonSizeable Allows polygon selections to be resized by dragging the grips at 0/90/180/360 positions
iesoSelectOnlyImageLayers If included, only image layers can be selected. Selection will be blocked if a non-image layer is active