ImageEn, unit iexSevenZip

SevenZip PlugIn

SevenZip is an open source library that ImageEn uses to provide zip support.

When the SevenZip plug-in is installed:
 TImageEnView can load images from zip files and navigate the content of zip files (e.g. using onscreen Buttons)
 TImageEnMView can load and display the content of zip files
 TImageEnFolderMView can browse the content of zip files
 TIEFolderTree can display the folder tree within a zip file

The following features are supported:
 256bit AES and other encrypted zip files (with automatic password prompt)
 Zip folders (or optional flat file display)
 Extraction of all or individual zip files
 Dynamic loading of thumbnails

 Download the SevenZip plug-in from:
 The plug-in must be registered once by your application
 Distributions must include the copyright notices that are included with the ImageEn SevenZip installation


Demo  Demos\Other\ZipBrowser\ZipBrowser.dpr
Demo  Demos\Multi\FolderMView\FolderMView.dpr


// Register the SevenZip Plug-In
IEGlobalSettings().RegisterPlugIns([ iepiSevenZip ]);

// Load the first file in a zip and show buttons to allow navigation
ImageEnView1.ShowButtons := [ iebtPrevious, iebtNext ];
ImageEnView1.IO.LoadFromFileZIP( 'C:\', 0 );

// Extract all files from a zip file to D:\Out\ (Recreating the internal zip folder structure)
ImageEnView1.IO.ExtractFromFileZIP( 'C:\', -1, 'D:\Out\', True );

// Display all files within a zip (ignoring the internal folder structure)
ImageEnMView1.FillFromZIP( 'C:\Files\' );

// Display files within the root folder of the zip
ImageEnMView1.FillFromZIP( 'C:\Files\', '\' );

// Display files within the zip folder \Holidays\Italy\
ImageEnMView1.FillFromZIP( 'C:\Files\', '\Holidays\Italy\' );

// Output all images in a ZIP file to PNG
filename := 'C:\doc.ZIP';
outputFolder := 'D:\';
bmp := TIEBitmap.Create;
bmp.ParamsEnabled := True;
idx := 0;
  bmp.Params.ImageIndex := idx;
  if bmp.Read( filename ) then
    bmp.Write( IncludeTrailingBackSlash( outputFolder ) + format( '%s_%d.png', [ ExtractFilename( filename ), idx+1 ] ));
  inc( idx );
Until idx > bmp.Params.ImageCount - 1;

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