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property PNGEngine: TIEImagingEngine;


Specifies which engine is used to load and save PNG format images.
Property Description
ieenAuto Automatically chooses ieenDLL if a DLL is found in the EXE folder, otherwise ieenNative (32bit) or ieenWIC (64bit)
ieenNative Uses native loading code (32bit only)
ieenDLL Uses an ImageEn DLL to support the file format. This option gives the best performance and functionality, including Apple CgBI format and better support for PNG text fields
ieenWIC Uses the WIC API (Windows Imaging Component). Some meta-data is not supported. You cannot save to the following pixel formats: ie8p, ie32f, ieCIELab
ieenLegacy N/A
ieenNone Format is not available

 ieenDLL requires you to ship the IELib or IEVision DLL with your application
 With ieenAuto, only the EXE folder is searched for relevant DLLs. For ieenDLL, the system path is also checked (or explicitly call RegisterPlugins)
 ieenWIC is not recommended when loading PNG images from offset positions in streams

Default: ieenAuto (which uses ieenDLL if a DLL is available, otherwise ieenNative in 32bit apps or ieenWIC in 64bit apps)

Engine Performance


Demo  Demos\InputOutput\IEViewPerformance\Performance.dpr


// Use WIC to load PNG images
IEGlobalSettings().PNGEngine := ieenWIC;

// Force use of IELib DLL for improved performance
// ImageEn will attempt to load the DLL even if it's not in the EXE folder. If the DLL is not found or is outdated, an error will be raised
IEGlobalSettings().JPEGEngine      := ieenDLL;
IEGlobalSettings().PNGEngine       := ieenDLL;
IEGlobalSettings().JPEG2000Engine  := ieenDLL;
IEGlobalSettings().CameraRawEngine := ieenDLL;

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