ImageEn, unit iemview



TIEImageEnMViewSortBy = (iesbFilename, iesbTopText, iesbBottomText, iesbInfoText, iesbImageSize, iesbFilenameWithoutPath, iesbFileExtension, iesbFileSize, iesbCreateDate, iesbEditDate, iesbFileType, iesbRandom, iesbCustom, iesbNone);


Value Description
iesbFilename Sorts by the full file path (using ImageFileName)
iesbTopText Alphabetical sort on ImageTopText
iesbBottomText Alphabetical sort on ImageBottomText
iesbInfoText Alphabetical sort on ImageInfoText
iesbImageSize Sorting by the image dimensions (ImageOriginalWidth x ImageOriginalHeight)
iesbFilenameWithoutPath Sorts only on the name portion of the file (i.e. excluding the file path)
iesbFileExtension Sorts by the extension of the file (e.g. .jpeg or .tiff)
iesbFileSize Sorting by the size of the files on disk
iesbCreateDate Sorting by the date that the files were created (Note: If the image contains an EXIF date, it is used rather than the file date for improved accuracy)
iesbEditDate Sorting by the date that the files were last modified
iesbFileType Sorting by the file type
iesbRandom Sorting of files in a pseudo random order (Note: uses ImageFileName. Folders are sorted alphabetically)
iesbCustom TImageEnFolderMView only: Sorts using the event, OnCustomSortCompare (has no effect in TImageEnMView)
iesbNone No sorting