ImageEn, unit imageenio




procedure SaveToFileSVG(const FileName: WideString);


Saves the current image to a file in Scalable Vector Graphics format. SVG is a vector format that can be displayed be web browsers.
If the TImageEnIO is connected to an TImageEnView, then each of the Layers will be output as a scalable object. If connected to a TImageEnVect, the objects will be converted to layers and then output. Otherwise the IEBitmap is output as SVG with an embedded raster image.
FileName is the file name including extension.

SVG Exporting Limitations:
 Gradient fills are not supported at this time
 Mask layers are not supported

 If an internal save error is encountered Aborting will return true (e.g. there are no valid layers). Saving issues due to insufficient write permissions and disk write failures will raise an exception.
 Embedded images will be saved in the format specified by SVG_ImageCompression.
 You can also save layers in IEN, PSD and PDF format
 SVG is an export only format. ImageEn does not support loading of SVG files
 To abort while saving set Aborting to true


Demo  Demos\LayerEditing\Layers_AllTypes\Layers.dpr


// Save current layers (compress transparent image layers as PNG, others as JPEG)
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.SVG_ImageCompression := -1;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.JPEG_Quality := 80;
ImageEnView1.IO.SaveToFileSVG( 'D:\layers.SVG' );

// Save current layers (compress image layers as jpeg)
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.SVG_ImageCompression := ioJPEG;
ImageEnView1.IO.Params.JPEG_Quality := 80;
ImageEnView1.IO.SaveToFileSVG( 'D:\layers.SVG' );

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