ImageEn, unit iexLayerMView



TImageEnLayerMView = class(TIECustomMView);


The TImageEnLayerMView component is a descendent of TImageEnMView, but is designed to display the layers of a TImageEnView (i.e. all of the layers of a multi-layer file format, such as a PSD, IEN or SVG file).
To use TImageEnLayerMView, simply set the AttachedImageEnView property to a TImageEnView.

TImageEnLayerMView provides the following features:
- Preview of all layers of a TImageEnView, with thumbnail, layer type, position, size and rotation information
- Selection of thumbnails to select the relevant layer (Optional)
- Buttons to set the Visible, Locked or IsMask status of layers (Optional)
- Dragging of thumbnails to re-arrange them (Optional)
- Dragging of thumbnails outside the control (or clicking Delete) to remove them (Optional)

Note: You can also display layers in a standard TImageEnMView, using AssignLayers


Demo  Demos\Layers\Layers_AllTypes\Layers.dpr


// Set up
IELayerMView1.AttachedImageEnView := ImageEnView1;
// Thumbnails or details?
if gShowLayersAsThumbs then
  IELayerMView1.Style := iemsFlat
  IELayerMView1.Style := iemsFlatAndWide;

// Background down to front-most, or reversed?
if gLayerViewReversed then
  IELayerMView1.LayerOrder := ieloTopFirst
  IELayerMView1.LayerOrder := ieloBackgroundFirst;

// Enable dragging of thumbnails to rearrange layers and remove layers
IELayerMView1.LayerOptions := IELayerMView1.LayerOptions + [ lvDragOrdering, lvDragDelete ];

// Move buttons to the top-right of thumbnail
ImageEnLayerMView1.ButtonParams.Position := iecpTopRight;

Methods and Properties

Published Property  AutoAdjustStyle
Published Property  AttachedImageEnView
Published Property  ButtonParams
Public Method  IndexToLayer
Published Property  LayerOptions
Published Property  LayerOrder
Public Method  LayerToIndex
Published Property  PopupMenus
Published Property  Style
Public Method  Update (Refresh)


Event  OnGetLayerImage
Event  OnIncludeLayer

Note: Also supports relevant methods and properties of TImageEnMView