What's New

Version 11.4.0

New Features

- Added: Use Google Vision API to recognize objects, text, handwriting, faces, famous landmarks and logos in images
- Added: Use Google Static Maps API to output Google maps to image
- Added: Latitude/Longitude to string method
- Added: Windows file type defaults to "EXT File" for unknown types
- Added: Line, border and font sizes can be locked for layers regardless of zoom
- Added: Single method to display a preview window of image meta-data
- Added: Support for SFW, RFB, XPB and XPM formats via ImageMagick
- Added: Rotate tool will auto-scale large images for more responsive preview
- Added: New action for TImageEnMView to preview images
- Added: Don't colorize 1bpp bitmaps if NativePixelFormat is enabled
- Added: Legacy plug-in code no longer compiled into EXE unless explicitly called
- Added: TIOParams.GetProperty/SetProperty moved to helper unit to reduce exe size
- Added: TIEFolderMView can copy to/from Portable Devices

Bug Fixes

- Fixed: Progress not consistent when saving multiple frames to DICOM
- Fixed: Possible A/V when saving an icon with too many frames
- Fixed: Drag-drop support fails when changing themes
- Fixed: Toolbar button images are mixed up when themed
- Fixed: Memory error when sizing a TImageEnView with rulers to null size
- Fixed: No longer show non-functional corner grips in themed applications
- Fixed: Invalid European characters when reading non-unicode DICOM tags
- Fixed: Some issues with uncommon bitmap formats
- Fixed: Terminator is not stripped from TGA_Descriptor when loaded

Changes to Classes

- Added: TImageEnView.BeginSelect() to limit repainting when adding many selection points

Changes to Method Parameters

- Added: TIEDictionary.Get* methods now include overloads that do not raise exception when key not found

Compatibility Issues

- Changed: Instead of TIELayer.Scaled use ScaleLocking
- Changed: If you use TIERFBClient, you will need to add iexOtherClasses to your uses
- Changed: Instead of ImageEnView1.IO.Params.DICOM_CharacterSet, use ImageEnView1.IO.Params.DICOM_Tags.CharacterSet
- Changed: To register the legacy ImageMagick plug-In, ImageMagick.dll, add iexPlugIns to your uses clause and call IEAddExtIOPlugIn('imagemagick.dll');
- Changed: TIOParams.GetProperty/SetProperty moved to iexMetaHelpers unit (as helper methods)

Demo Changes

- Added: All Components demo shows TIEMetaListView (Demos\Other\AllComps\AllComponents.dpr)

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