Version 10.1.0

Fixed bugs

Fixed: Hand grab cursor does not show when moving the image

Fixed: Bit depth not set when acquiring via WIA

Fixed: Failures loading some PNG files

Fixed: Animated GIF files with frames of lower resolutions (due to compression) may render incorrectly

Fixed: IO Preview dialog does not remember size

Fixed: EXIF_ExposureProgram not set with LibRaw

Fixed: Line layers with labels can change size when moved

Fixed: Floating values passed to BlackValue/WhiteValue can give unexpected results

Fixed: Rounding error when calculating DPI via WIC

Fixed: EMF files may not load fully when threaded

Fixed: Cannot start drawing polyline if it overlaps another polyline area

Fixed: TImageEnView.Fit does not consider ScrollBarsAlwaysVisible

Fixed: Scrollbars unnecessarily enabled with ScrollBarsAlwaysVisible

Fixed: Loads TIFF files with inflate issues

Fixed: Cannot generate multipage DICOM from 256 color bitmaps

New features, classes, methods, properties and events

Added: GetNetImage() sets horizontal and vertical DPI

Added: IELayer.FillColor and FillColor2 allows no-color value (Color.Empty)

Added: IELayer.FillOpacity method

Added: added following layer events: BeginResizing, BeginRotating, BeginMoving, Deselected, Edited, BeginCreating, Creating, Created, Action, LeftClicked, RightClicked, DblClicked, MouseOver, EditedPoints, AddedPoint, MovedPoint, Arranged, BeforeRemove, Removed, EditedProps, TextEditorClick, TextEditorChange, NewLayer

Added: JPEG autoscaling considers aspect ratio to optimize loading

Added: IEImage.Empty quickCheck parameter

Added: IEvolution Open Dialog support form scaling

Added: All Russian text natively translated

Added: Improved dash style for GDI drawing and crop selection

Added: Improve layout of IEvolution dialogs when used with multiple screens

Added: When converting an image layer, the specified opacity is converted to image alpha

Added: new IEShape shapes (arrows and chevrons)

Added: Full translations of eight more languages: Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Slovenian (machine translation)

Added: 8bit color PNG supports 1bit transparency

Changed/Deleted parameters