ImageEn for Delphi and C++ Builder ImageEn for Delphi and C++ Builder

ImageEn Features

ImageEn is the most powerful native image library available for Delphi and C++ Builder and .NET.  The library includes a complete suite of VCL components and classes to handle all aspects of image editing, analysis and display.  Join thousands of other developers who depend on ImageEn to add professional multimedia functionality to their software.

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Delphi and C++ Builder 5 - 7, 2005 - 2010, XE - XE8, 10 - 10.4, 11 (32/64 bit) and .NET 2.0 or newer.

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File Operations

  • Support for all common image formats
  • Lossless JPEG rotation and cropping
  • Loading and saving of digital camera (EXIF) fields in JPEG, TIFF, RAW and HD Photo files (without modifying the original image)

    EXIF data fields

  • Loading and saving of EXIF GPS fields

    SlippyMap class to perform basic geo-location (automatic display of GPS-EXIF points on a map)

  • Loading and saving of Adobe XMP fields from JPEG, TIFF, HD Photo and PSD files
  • Camera Raw image support including access to internal thumbnails and other data fields
  • Loading and saving of IPTC data (most commonly used by Photoshop) from JPEG and TIFF files (without modifying the original image)
  • Quick reading of image properties (dimensions, color depth, etc) without loading image
  • Image load and save dialogs which include a preview and relevant save settings

    Save dialog with preview

  • Support for alpha channel in GIF, TIFF, PNG, ICO, CUR, TGA, PSD files
  • Asynchronous loading and saving
  • Support for Color Management Systems to process ICC profiles
  • Load images directly from the internet (using http/ftp protocol)
  • Encryption and decryption using a 128 bit key
  • Support for other formats such as HEIF, WebP, JBIG, etc, via plug-ins


Image Display

  • Images can be automatically displayed "To-Fit" or with real time zoom. Eighteen quality filters are available to enhance its display (from fastest to best quality)
  • Images from digital cameras can be automatically displayed with the correct orientation
  • 180 stunning image transition and Pan-Zoom effects

    3D Cube Transition effect

  • Automatic rulers

    3D Cube Transition effect

  • Display and navigate images using Coverflow-style animation

    Coverflow-style image animation effect

  • Measurement of lines, angles, perimeters and areas

    Measurement of lines, angles, perimeters and areas


Image Editing and Processing

  • Many selection types: rectangle, ellipse, polygon and "magic wand" (to instantly select a colored area) and other options (including selection intensity and feathering)

    Elliptical selection   Selections can be moved and modified
  • Other mouse interaction options include cropping, mouse wheel support and click-dragging to rotate, navigate and zoom the image

    Crop Tool with Rotation

  • Interactive adjustment of perspective distortion

    Interactive adjustment of perspective distortion

  • Painting tool with tablet/pen pressure support, and many brush styles and options

    Painting tool with many brush styles and options

  • Clone tool to remove unwanted areas the image

    Clone tool to remove unwanted areas of the image

  • Eraser and Smart (background detecting) brushes to delete image content

    Smart Erase

  • Retouch tools to fix images using smudge, blur, inpaint, sharpen, etc.

    Retouch tools - Smudging

    Retouch tools - Motion Blur

  • Batch perform effects, editing and color operations

    Effects Chain

  • Multilevel undo and redo

    Multilevel undo and redo

  • Easily manipulate and edit single and multi-page images in code using TIEBitmap and TIEMultiBitmap classes
  • Image resizing with eighteen quality filters including Triangle, Hermite, Bell, BSpline, Lanczos3, Mitchell, FastLinear, Bilinear and Bicubic
  • Many color adjustment features including automatic enhancement, contrast, HSL, HSV, RGB, histogram equalization, Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT), gamma correction, and color curve adjustment (using code or the built-in dialog)

    Color adjustment dialog

  • Image effects including custom filters, bump map, lens, wave, morphing, Gaussian and motion blurring and sharpening (using code or the built-in dialog)

    Image Effects dialog

  • Image cropping, auto-cropping, flipping, rotation and resizing (using code or the built-in dialog)

    Image cropping

  • Chromakey background removal

    background removal

  • Edge and skew detection

    Detection of skew in scanned documents

  • Soft shadow and inner shadow effects

    Soft shadow added to text and image

  • Pixelation to obscure image content


  • Conversion of color ranges, gray scale and negative
  • Color and monochrome image dithering


  • Supports a wide range of native pixel formats: 1 bit, 8 bit paletted, 8 bit grayscale, 16 bit grayscale, 24 bit RGB, 32 bit floating point, 24 bit CMYK, 48 bit RGB, CIELab


Layer and Vector Support



Powerful thumbnail component that displays a grid of images, videos and other files (e.g. read from a folder or database table):


Image and Video Acquisition

  • Acquire images from Twain and WIA compatible scanners and cameras, and connected portable devices

    Also provides a generic interface to all acquisition sources, Twain, WIA and connected cameras and cards

  • Video capture and saving of multimedia using DirectShow and Microsoft Media Foundation. Supports all installed codecs and video capture cards

    Video capture using installed drivers

  • Capture from screen


Adobe PDF Features


Other Features

  • Use Google Vision API to recognize objects, text, handwriting, faces, famous landmarks and logos in images

  • Over 400 actions for all common ImageEn functions, allowing you to build applications with minimal code
  • Fully customizable toolbar components and popup menus

    Fully customizable toolbar components and popup menus

  • Printing of single images and sheets of multiple images, including print preview support

    Preview of an image being printed

  • Data-aware versions of image and thumbnail components to automatically display files stored as blob or path references in a database table
  • One-click selection of languages for all dialogs with support twenty-five languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish


  • Also works with the standard TImage component and TPicture class
  • Supports VCL Themes

    Supports VCL Themes


Other components



Advanced Features Add-On

IEVision is an optional add-on for ImageEn that delivers enhanced functionality:




  TImageEnView Display images and videos (with layer support)
  TImageEnViewToolbar Toolbar with buttons for TImageEnView
  TImageEnProc Analyze and edit images
  TImageEnIO Load and save images of all formats, print, acquire from scanner, camera or digital device
TImageEnDBView   TImageEnDBView Display image from database
  TImageEnMView Display multiple images or thumbnails
  TImageEnMIO Load and save images of all multi-page formats, print thumbnails, acquire images from scanner, camera or digital device
  TImageEnFolderMView Display thumbnails of files in a folder
  TImageEnLayerMView Display preview of all layers of an image
  TImageEnVect Display and edit vector images
  TOpenImageEnDialog Open dialog with preview of all image formats
  TSaveImageEnDialog Save dialog with preview of image properties
  TIEFolderTree Windows Explorer style Shell Folder Tree
  TIERichEdit Advanced Rich Editing component
  TIERichEditToolbar Toolbar with buttons for TIERichEdit
  TIEColorCurve Manipulate colors of an image using a color curve
  TIEColorPalette Color display and selection control
  THistogramBox Color and hue histogram control


Key Classes

  TIEBitmap ImageEn's bitmap class, supporting all images formats and advanced functionality
  TIOParams Provides access to the properties and meta-data of image files
  TIEDBBitmap Access to an image stored or referenced in a database (connect to a TImageEnView for display)
  TIEMultiBitmap Loading, editing and saving of multi-frame image formats, such as TIFF, GIF, etc.
  TIOMultiParams Provides access to the properties and meta-data of multi-frame image files
  TIEDBMultiBitmap Access to the images stored or referenced in a database (connect to a TImageEnMView to display as thumbnails)
  TIEAcquireParams Access to scanners, camera and digital devices available via Twain, WIA or Windows Portable Device API
  TIEVisionLibrary Advanced features add-on class for ImageEn: OCR, barcode reading, facial detection and recognition, etc.
  TIEGoogleVision Use Google Vision API to recognize objects, text, handwriting, faces, famous landmarks and logos


Supported Formats

Format Notes Load Save
JPEG Supports fast preview at 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 size
GIF Including editing and display of animated GIFs
TIFF Editing and display of single and multipage TIFF and BigTIFF
Raw Camera Formats Including Digital Negative Format (*.dng), Canon (*.cr2, *.cr3, *.crw), Kodak (*.dcr), Minolta (*.mrw), Nikon (*.nef), Olympus (*.orf), Pentax (*.pef), Fuji (*.raf), Leica (*.raw), Sony (*.srf), Sigma (*.x3f) and more
Icons (ICO) With multiple resolution and color depth support
DICOM (Medical Imaging) Single and multipage
Adobe Photoshop (PSD/PSB) With multiple layer support
ImageEn Compressed format with support for transparency, vectors, annotations and layers (images, text, shapes and lines)
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Vector format supported by web browsers
Adobe PDF Single and multipage documents
PostScript (PS and EPS) Single and multipage documents
Metafiles (WMF and EMF)    
Cursors (CUR)    
AVI Including retrieval and modification of frames
WIC Formats All WIC formats are supported, including DirectDraw Surface (*.dds), Microsoft HD Photo (*.wdp, *.hdp) and JPEG XR (*.jxr)
Media formats (MPEG, WMV, etc) Via the DirectShow or MMF API
Other native formats PCX, DCX (Multipage PCX), Targa (*.tga), PXM, Raw and Wireless BMP (*.wbmp)
And many more GIMP (*.xcf), TrueType Fonts (*.ttf, *.otf), Kodak Photo-CD (*.pcd, *.pcds), Apple Pict (*.pict), CALS Image (*.cals, *.cal), Flexible Image Transport System (*.fits), HP PCL Printer Image (*.pcl), Kodak Cineon (*.cin), Embrid Embroidery Format (*.pes), SMPTE (*.dpx), Magick (*.miff, *.mvg), Matlab (*.mat), JPEG Network Graphics (*.jng), Multiple-Image Network Graphics (*.mng), High Dynamic Range File (*.exr), Microsoft XML Page (*.xps), MPEG (*.mp4, *.mpeg, *.mpg*.mov; *.m2v; *.m4v), etc
(Items with a pale tick use a plug-in)