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ImageEn Downloads

Registered Downloads

If you have already purchased ImageEn, IEvolution or IEVision, you can download the latest version from our User Download Page.


Trial Versions

You can download an ImageEn Trial for all editions of Delphi and C++. Alternatively, you can purchase ImageEn and return for a full refund if it does not meet your requirements (60 Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee).

» ImageEn v11.0.1 Trial

IEVision is an advanced add-on for ImageEn. You can download a trial from:

» IEVision v7.0.0 Trial (ImageEn v12.0.0 or newer)
» IEVision v6.0.4 Trial (ImageEn v10.3.5 or newer)


IEVision OCR Files

For OCR, you will require language files. Download one of the following (More Info):

» English Only (All Types) (28 MB)
» All Languages (LTSM+Legacy) (628MB)
» All Languages (LTSM - Standard) (332MB)
» All Languages (LTSM - Slow, Highest Quality) (1.34GB)



Documentation in CHM format is installed with ImageEn and available from the ImageEn group in the Windows Start menu. You can also view the documentation online or download the help file. If you are having difficulty please also consult the FAQ or visit our online forum.


ImageEn Add-Ons

ImageEn PDF Plug-In View PDF files with text selection, form editing, page importation, moving and deletion (Info)
Also: v4433 for ImageEn v10.3.5 and older
ImageMagick Plug-In Support loading/saving of more image formats: Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg, *.svgz), High Efficiency Image Format (*.heic, *.heif, *.avif), WebP image (*.webp), JPEG XL Image (*.jxl), GIMP (*.xcf), TrueType Fonts (*.ttf, *.otf), Kodak Photo-CD (*.pcd, *.pcds), Apple Pict (*.pict), CALS Image (*.cals, *.cal), Flexible Image Transport System (*.fits), HP PCL Printer Image (*.pcl), Kodak Cineon (*.cin), Embrid Embroidery Format (*.pes), SMPTE (*.dpx), Magick (*.miff, *.mvg), Matlab (*.mat), JPEG Network Graphics (*.jng), Multiple-Image Network Graphics (*.mng), High Dynamic Range File (*.exr). See FAQ.
Includes 32 and 64bit versions, demo source and exe, and test files
Note: ImageEn also automatically supports any installed version of ImageMagick on a system
Also: Legacy ImageMagick Plug-in, Source Code
NiGulp Plug-In Enumerate and execute Photoshop filters via pspiHost engine. Uses ImageEn for loading, viewing and creating filter mask from selections.
Download Source Code, Download Demo, More Info
ImageEn E-Book "A Programmers Introduction To ImageEn" published by Adirondack Software   More Info
WPCubed PDF Plug-Ins Load PDF files with any WPCubed Adobe PDF plug-in More Info
Sample Images 250 images of other 40 different formats for testing, including EXIF, XMP, GPS, WIC, Alpha, etc. (140 MB) Download
Sample Raw Images 50 Camera Raw images for testing, including Sony, Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Pentax and Fujifilm. (390 MB)
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