ImageEn, unit imageenproc



TPreviewEffects = set of (peAll, peContrast, peHSV, peHSL, peRGB, peUserFilt, peEqualize, peBumpMap, peLens, peWave, peMorph, peRotate, peFFT, peGamma, peSharpen, peResize, peSoftShadow, peAutoEnhance, peCrop, peColorCurve, peLevels, peSmoothing, pePixelize);


Specify which tabs are shown in the Image Processing Dialog (displayed by calling DoPreviews).

Value Description Method Used
peAll All tabs will be shown -
peContrast Adjust contrast Contrast, IntensityRGBAll
peHSV Adjust the Hue/Saturation/Value HSVvar
peHSL Adjust the Hue/Saturation/Luminance HSLvar
peRGB Adjust Red/Green/Blue values IntensityRGBAll
peUserFilt Apply a 3x3 filter ApplyFilter
peEqualize Equalize the color histogram Threshold, HistEqualize, HistAutoEqualize
peBumpMap Apply Bump map effect BumpMapping
peLens Apply Lens effect Lens
peWave Apply Wave effect Wave
peMorph Set the minimum of maximum pixel values Minimum, Maximum
peRotate Rotate the image Rotate, Flip
peFFT Apply a Fourier Analysis FTCreateImage
peGamma Perform gamma correction GammaCorrect
peSharpen Apply a sharpening filter Sharpen
peResize Change the dimensions of the image Resample
peSoftShadow Apply a soft-shadow AddSoftShadow
peAutoEnhance Automatic color enhancement AutoImageEnhance1, AutoImageEnhance2
peCrop Crop or allow border to an image Crop, ImageResize
peColorCurve Adjust the image colors using a color curve TIEColorCurve
peLevels Adjust the image input and output levels AdjustLevels
peSmoothing Remove noise from an image using Symmetric Nearest Neighbour smoothing SymmetricNearestNeighbour
pePixelize Pixelize the image (to obscure parts of it) Pixelize


// Prompt to perform color adjustment on the current image
ImageEnView1.Proc.DoPreviews( ppeColorAdjustments );

// Prompt to perform image effects on the current image
ImageEnView1.Proc.DoPreviews( ppeSpecialEffects );

// Prompt to edit the current image
ImageEnView1.Proc.DoPreviews( ppeEditingFunctions );

See Also

- ppeColorAdjustments
- ppeEditingFunctions
- ppeSpecialEffects